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Doon Library and Research Center

The Doon Library & Research Centre came into existence formally on March 16, 2006 with its registration under the Societies Registration Act. It became functional on December 8, 2006 when its present premises in the Parade Ground were inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Uttarakhand, Hon’ble Shri Narayan Datt Tiwari.

The Doon Library and Research Centre is an autonomous institution registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act. It is managed by a Governing Body with the Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand Government as the Chairman. The other members of the Governing body include Secretaries of the Departments of Finance, Planning, School Education, Culture and Higher Education of the Uttarakhand Government, eminent educationists and personalities nominated by the Governing Body. The administrative and academic head of the institution is the Director.

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  • Journey of Hindi Language Journalism in India

    Journey of Hindi Language Journalism in India

    Author: Mrinal Pande
  • There and Back

    There and Back

    Author: Stewart Gordon ISBN: 0-19-947645-4

    Though travelling is lauded as a means of enriching our lives, the emphasis is generally on the destination rather than the journey. Yet, throughout human history, routes have ferried not just people but books, scroll and art, in addition to armies, ambassadorial entourages, slaves, brides, and pilgrims. The interaction of the people on routes generated surprising innovations.

  • Not Just Cricket

    Not Just Cricket

    Author: Pradeep Magazine ISBN: 978-93-5489-211-0

    Eminent journalist Pradeep Magazine's memoir is a story of lived, real experiences, of joy, sorrow, fear, loss and hope, and about how an uprooted identity shapes one's attitude towards society and the nation. From the Kashmir of the 1950s to terror-stricken Punjab, from the Mandir-Masjid divide and the impact of  Mandal politics to the tragic consequences of the Kashmir situation- Magazine paints a fascinating portrait of modern India.

  • 21 Bal Kahania

    21 Bal Kahania

    Author: Ruskin Bond ISBN: 978-93-5521-415-7
  • Ret Samadhi

    Ret Samadhi

    Author: Geentanjali Shri
  • The Dismantling of India

    The Dismantling of India

    Author: T.J.S GEORGE ISBN: 978-93-92099-15-1

    In October 1947, two months after independence, T.J.S George arrived in Bombay. He was 19 years old, with a degree in English Literature. He sent out job application- to the Air Force and to the city's English-language newspapers. only one organization cared to reply, the Free Press Journal.

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